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The Tenuta Montemaggiore Farm Holding was founded in 2013.The owners devote themselves with passion to the main activity of this farm holding: beekeeping. The Tenuta Montemaggiore revealed itself to be the perfect location for beekeeping, since it is surrounded by nature and it is located far away from point sources of pollution. We do not employ veterinary medicines and chemical products, but only phytotherapy products. Near the beehives there is a vast lavender field, with more than 2,500 plants, a rich feast for the bees. The processing of lavender has become another activity of the farm holding. Form the beekeeping activity forest honey is produced. This honey derives from different pollens of our woods, especially from the blackberry bushes, therefore it is an high-class honey. The fine manufacturing process, that takes place in our laboratory, does not involve any alteration of the raw material. Thanks to the location, the beekeeping technique and the honey manufacturing, the farm holding has issued a request in order to obtain the organic certification of the product.

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The forest honey variety is characterised by a warm fruity and caramel taste. It is not too sweet and the pollen spectra indicates the high presence of honeydew elements and blackberries. The multi-floral honey variety is characterised by a fruity taste, with a scent of aromatic herbs and a faint vegetable aftertaste. It is typically sweet and the pollen spectra indicates the high presence of blackberries and acacia.

  • 150 gr. jar at 3,50 €
  • 350 gr. jar at 5,00 €

that can be directly purchased in the farm holding or by contacting the e-mail address